San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and More
If You are going to San Francisco Bay Area, be sure to visit our website
If you are going to San Francisco Bay Area, be sure to visit our website
San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and More

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We are United States
Big Sur, Yes Sir.

Big Sur is 90 mile rugged,rocky coast area ,winding highway 1
stretches from south of Camel to north of  San Simeon. Mountain
Santa Lucia meets Pacific ocean, cuts steeply from 300  to over
1000 feet

Big Sur is most beautiful coast scenic drive in Northern America with
spectacular oceanfront view. There are many vista points to turn
around,stop and view, every  mile is a memory

Big Sur is natural reserve for wildness with many restriction, only a
few convenient stores, restaurants, accommodations and
reservation only interests points available in big price

There are  8 state parks and a lot of hiking trails, camping sites and
small coves, beaches for nature, wild life and marine animal view.
If you don't have enough time to visit Big Sur, Devil slide offers similar view of  Big Sur.It is Mountain Montara lunging in
thousand foot cliffs into the ocean, you can have a glimpse in 2 to 4 hours.

It is only 20 mile south of San Francisco, between Linda Mar and Montara, public transit is available for less than $10(
Caltrain to Hillsdale, then Samtrans Bus #294 to Linda Mar) or BART to Daly City , then Samtrains bus #110 to Linda Mar
,then #294 to Montara.

The hostels of lighthouse of Montara and Pigeon offer most affordable coast gateway with gorgeous view for $23 per night

If you have one day, then Santa Cruz , Monterey and Carmel offer you charming small city with Pacific View, theme park,
museum , aquarium and golf court, beautiful drive , all are in oceanfront or beaches.
The best time to visit Big Sur is around Oct or Spring time, it may rain in winter wet season and mudslide may cut off the traffic,
it may be foggy and windy cold in summer, it may be in wildfire in dry season( Sep to Nov)

It takes 2 days to visit Big Sur in round trip, add one more day if you want to visit biggest mansion in America( hearst Castle)

Many lodges in big sur are very small in BB or cabin style, the price range from $99 to $399, but you can get $39 motel in
Monterey and San Luis Obispo from Sunday To Thursday, weekend expected to pay $200 for a motel room.

Have you gas tank  full beforehand, you will find most expensive gas here( over $5/gallon)

Have you safety alert in mind all the time, don't try to climb the rock and steep cliffs, don't try to access ocean on unsignated

Waterfall on beach( Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park) may dry from May to Nov.

You will have a lot of views of Sealion, sometime Seals and otters), you may see shark and Wheal in migratory season. It is
region of Monterey marine estuary reserve.

Spring ( April is the best time to see wild flower.

Esalen institute,Nepenthe( the bohemian clubhouse) , art galleries and Henry Miller library is visited by reservation only.

Look at menu first, otherwise you will get over $100 bill  for a small lunch or dinner in some
 ocean view restaurants in big sur

There are only 1000 residents in Big Sur area, most are rich, artists or local ranchers, their house are in hidden style,  can't
been seen from Hwy 1 , the value are all over 1 million.

No hospital, no big store there, going to a big city" Monterey or San Luis Obispo" takes at least 3 hours.
Devil slide
Summer fog
crashing wave in Linda Mar
Big Sur is a spanish name" El pais grande del sur" of " the big country to the south"

It is 120 miles from San Francisco, the big airport nearby is San Jose( SJC) 86 miles,  the closest airport is Monterey(
MRY) 23 miles

The 8 state parks are Carmel river, Point Lobos state reserve, Point Sur, Andrew Molera, White Oaks Pfeiffer, Julia
Pfeiffer Burns,John little,  Limeiln and Los Padres national forest and Monterey bay national marine sanctuary.

Located 3 mile south of Linda Mar
Eroded  unstable cliff
Montara state beach
Strong torrent
gray whale beach
Half moon bay beach in 6 miles long
Natural bridge in Santa Cruz
Boardwalk has over 100 years history
Surfers catch big wave in Santa Cruz
Monterey penisular
Pt Lobos state reserve
Pine, rock and Ocean
Hwy 1 above 1000 feet
Tide pool
rugged cove
beach and creek
Andrew Molera state park
redwood forest in Big Sur Pfeiffer
Sealiona are bathing, due to remote and hard to
access, many marine animals get breed and
waterfall in Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park
Flora in big sur
hwy 1 was carved into rocky cliffs
Gorda population less than 100
Gas price in big sur
Limeiln state park
Hearst castle in San Simeon, offers 4 tours year
around for $24 each
California puppy
Rugged coastline
Ranch in big sur

Ocean front view from Lucia

road and mountain, ocean
hwy 1
Rocky stunning view
south of lucia
marine animals can be seen from the road

Hwy 1 south
Hwy 1 north
Pfeiffer big sur state park
Turnout area
The mountain rises 60 to 80 degree from sea level
Where mountain meets ocean
Some parts of big sur is for 30mph driving only.
Picture above:

Pismo beach, Morro bay, Hearst Castle
Ventura beach, Salvang, Santa Barbara
Ojar,  lake Cacitas, Central coast
Hwy 1/Pismo beach, Hwy1/Santa Barbara, Hwy1/ San Luis Opispo