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US has been most powerful country in the world since 1896, UK was second from 1896 to 1930, following by Russia
1930 to 1940, West Germany 1950 to 1968, Japan emerging to be second from 1969 to 2009 and the GDP size is 1/3 of
the US. China is 65% size of the US now and still growing in full speed

China had  ignorable size of economy in 20th century, GDP ranked 11th in 1980 behind Argentina, 6th in 1998 before Italy
and now 2nd in 2010. It is a economy rival to US, China is expected to overtake US in 2030, as early as 2020 to be the
most powerful country in the world.

Since China has huge population with wide different classes, currently average Chinese made 25% incomes than
Americans, just above average the world level, even in 2030, average Chinese are still 50% income of Americans.

Since 2001, China economy leaps in accelerating speed, 2013 GDP is 140% more than 2007, 4 times larger  than in
2000,  US is still in recession, 2013 GDP is only 3% more than 2007.

From outside, China looks 21st century overdeveloped country, all high rise building, brand new freeways, high speed
trains, luxury stores everywhere. US looks like predeveloping country, all old flats,  under maintenance roads, the posts"
end of hungry" " fight disease, donate now"

Napoleon had once said, "Let China sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world.", the days are coming. From
number of Chinese student in US: 1982 only 1000 to 1987 10,000, then 1998  50,000, jump to 300,000 in 2013
China though my eyes:
US is a developed country with huge burdens:

Wars since 2001, trillions money have dumped into the war field, average $3700 per capital each year,that is main reason of poverty
in China history

Welfare: US has hundreds welfare programs for child,women, student, to adult, senior,   some programs are severe fraud and
abused, many people know welfare can make people lazy, and another vital  issue is make people don't want family and children,
that is why US and Europe need so many immigrants from Asia, Africa, Middle Estern and South America.

Health Care: US has most expensive health care in the world, doctor visit( Primary care) $150, ( Specialist) $300, emergency room
visit $1800, overnight stay in Hospital ward $6000, 7 days in hospital patient  $80K,  cardiac or brain surgery $ 200K to $500K,
average health insurance for 40yo $500 per month, $1600 family of 4 per month

Political and social fight: Republican and Democrat restless fights under the name of " for American people"
US has 5% population , 70% lawyer in the world, endless lawsuits happen every day, political right in US, money right in China.

Aging population,  average age 44yo, to refuel the work forces, has to open homeland for legal or illegal immigrants, as white
population shrinks and aging, currently 87% immigrants are from Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Expensive costs : minimal salary $7.25/hr( In China now, a fulltime job needs at least $600 with free hostel style housing and free
meals, if no housing, food assistant, it takes $1000 to hire a worker  ), full time job must have benefits( that is why only 48%
Americans have full time jobs), many rigorous  regulations and codes to restrict a business, but no regulation for outsourcing
because law maker are tied to money fund raisers to get elected.( Chinese media always call it money game and political drama)

Outsourcing industries. When people become more and more open minded, transportation around the world can completed in 24
hours in affordable way, information technology makes communication like in next door, the world become smaller

another reason we were told " The character of Capitalism is greedy to pursue biggest profits" , Lenin Quote: "The Capitalists will sell
us the rope with which we will hang them." now the capitalists sold the machines and skills, and purchased the rope back and slowly
suicide themselves. That is biggest problem in US: No Jobs!
Reason: Avoid tax, escape lawsuit and code, still making money by few management( Rich get richer, shrink middle class)

How many products you can find in stores( from  high class stores to budget stores) are made in USA? correct answer is under 10%

Debt based economy: always spending more than made ,currently each dollar spent, 42 cents were borrowed, by printing all the
bonds and inventing financial alternatives, the debts are shared by other countries in the world.

As a emerging ,developing country with much less burden

China has face lift style
real estate market, tremendous infrastructure construction, both account 37% GDP growth,  whole
China is a biggest construction site in the world. If US does in Chinese way, demolishing all 30 years old buildings and
rebuilding modern style buildings, it will exhaust all construction material in the world.

When more and more Chinese enjoy western life style, the impact is profound, the gas price is no more than $1( 10 year ago),
no more $2( 5 year ago),all new price will stay high and go higher. All western universities have seen Chinese students
surging 500% in last 5 years, Chinese labors are everywhere around the world, Chinese restaurants in every  town, big or

migrant cheap labor, in 1978, Chinese farmer ,peasant accounted 81% population, in 2009 it  shrinks to only 30% to
47%( seasonal to full time), Chinese population have grown 62% in last 30 years, total 400 million people moved to city and
coastal area for industrial work. As cost soaring now, you need $1000 to $2000 to hire a worker in big cities or $600 to $1000
to hire a worker with free housing( hostel style) and free food. That is close to cost
 or more expensive to operate in southern
states( TN,MS,AL,GA,SC)

business friendly model and high efficiency,   much less or no regulation attract huge investment and insoursing industry, no
benefit, no welfare, no tax,  no lawsuit allowed " Take it or Leave it" , Even there are some laws, regulations, but Chinese are
famous for going around,being flexible,  no waiting time, no review process,everything is right as long as money right. A high
speed rail route was built in 2 years compared with 15 to 20 years in Europe and Japan.

Powerful government and stable politics, no party in the world is more powerful than CPC, that is why many Chinese believe
only Communist  saves China from being scattered( former USSR and east europe style)

Homologous population and culture, bracing capitalism, 99.99% are same race, culture are  mixture of Confusim, Buddhism
, Taoism and Mao's thought. Religions have never played critical role in most Chinese life,  it is a society of modest,
understanding and tolerance, no extremist allowed. No discriminate law applied.

China is
not a depressed country as many western media portrayed, many Chinese immigrate US  under the name of
"political asylum" ", because they must find a category to stay in US legally, the lawyers help them fabricated the cases and
stories( immigration is most fraud system in US),  the first thing for many " asylumer" when  green card approved is visit China
and show off the wealthy in US( by working in restaurants, construction, home improvement, massage....) because ordinary
people in US is still richer than working class in China, nobody is get " persecution" or "detention" in China,all back  US

huge saving, thrift life style, education, family oriented , Chinese philosophy: spend half, save half, education go first
no matter how poor they are, family members help each other in job seeking, financial support...Most Chinese families have
$10,000 cash on hands, Many City residents can save $10,000 yearly
Contrary to many Chinese imagination, most US
cities have a few highrise in downtown area
Most government buildings in US are over 100 year
old and in style of old roman.
Classic buildings are treated as treasures in China,
and well preserved, but in US, many are abandoned
or to be homeless shelters.

If all Chinese in American life style, the whole world resources will go to Chinese alone

Despite huge saving abilities in Chinese families, they spend much less than average Americans , housing staff is only 1/3 size
than Americans.

There are 30% family made $35000/year( RMB 200,000 year income only) who can afford the tuition to send Child to US because
NO personal and real estate tax in China, most people don't pay rent and the meals are only 1/3 US price) , 25% living in same
standard as 80% American do, there are 400 million Chinese( 30% population) make under $3 per day, poverty or semi-poverty line.

Average Chinese income has increased 100 times, the price also has increased 30 times in last 30 years( 1980 to 2010), China
becomes from a super cheap country( everything measured by cents) to  expensive country( all calculated by dollars). At same time,
American income increased 4 times, and the priced increased 3 time. In 1980s, 1990s, the easiest and fastest way for Chinese to
get rich is immigrate US, as Chinese salaries were too low and fixed scales by allocation.

China has serious inflation problem due to government print
s huge amounts of RMB to stimulate sloppy economy, right now, the
biggest currency is not US dollar, its RMB,many living necessaries price is close or higher than US even most Chinese make  2
of US salary because Chinese government know
s Chinese don't want to pay personal tax, and imposed  all taxes on everything. .

China has most expensive housing market in the world, average housing is equal to 5 year family salaries in US, average 2
bedroom apartment is 15 year salaries in China, in Beijing and Shanghai, it is total 35 year salaries. In many big cities in China,
real estate is more expensive than US cities. Beijng, Shanghai are more expensive than New York and San Francisco( No 1 and No
2). Many Chinese tourists exclaimed" US is so cheap!" and dismayed so many poor people in US

China's problem:

1. Aging population,  from 2016, China population will stop growing, the more and more people will get retired . As " one child
policy" effect, there are much more seniors population than young people.

2. Gap of the rich and the poor, there are 10 million rich  people hold over 1 million US dollars besides their residing house,
50% most expensive stuff in the world were purchased by Chinese Rich,  there are 400 million poor people made less then $3
per day, due to social culture and history, you must have cozy relationship with powers to get rich, rampage corruption is part of
Chinese culture and history. That is why many people miss "Old time" because they want fairness.

3. Heavy pollution, 1/4 land were polluted, that is the cost of world factory,  China output in steel,construction material,
computer, cell phone... account for 50% to 80% of world production, China aggressively imports raw materials around the world
to maintain  its huge size economy.

4. Rising price of  all living material, when China raise price, the whole world will go inflation because China population is 22%
of the world, the world limited resources only allocate minority to be rich, majority to be poor.

5. Unrest society, people start challenging the government,  blaming all the faults to leaders, some demand political reform.
Even many rich people are not confident to the future and try to immigrate and transfer money to foreign countries, or  women
take tourist visa , come to US to have  a " US citizen baby"( Double benefits, low college tuition for Child and  all family members
eligible to immigrate US in the future)
A tale of two powers ( US vs China)
Why Chinese are so rich to buy a lot of housings and goods in westerns?

China has built biggest industries in world history, and  issued a lot of
cash, RMB is biggest currency in the world ( 220% more than US dollar)

1. Almost all jobs in China are full time, stable, relax jobs unless you
make terrible things or convicted to jail times. Chinese rarely fire
2. Salary is becoming higher  than US southern states,
average $1K a
low paying jobs usually include free house, free food.
3. No rents, 95% hous
ing ownership, 30% have more than 1, 15% have
more than 4  units
4. No real estate tax, average $20/mon
th maintenance fees, no personal
tax, no inheritance tax.
Low food prices, low education and medical costs.
The house and many goods are more expensive especially car, luxury

In China, all big cities have Vegas style night view

Endless construction have been taken place in last
30 years, the real big construction started from 1993
and same year government demolished state owned
money loss factories.

Shanghai has 3000 skyscapers, more than NYC

Fifth Ave style shopping street in China, those
luxury goods in China are 20 to 50% higher price
than in west because Chinese government
imposed all taxes on them That is why Chinese
purchasing many luxuries overseas.

There are more employees than customers in those  
luxury stores, poor people can't afford, rich people
buy authentic overseas

China is not fit to every business, Best Buy lost a lot   
of money and exited from China, that is why many
foreign companies hiring local rich high power
families to do business in China.

Hot real restate prices have been increased  
average 20% every year since 1996, China is from
super cheap country to be one of  expensive

A small temple expended into a huge tourist site, in
China, as long as money right, just go for it.
Big LV stores in Shanghai, some oversea Chinese
find out much more rich people in China than
they thought. And educated professionals don't
want to be general labors in US anymore
Everywhere is crowded in China, that also means
everywhere is an opportunity to make money,
Chinese huge level economy is divided to much
smaller by huge population.

Only 10% old houses( over 30 years )still exist , they
are giving away to new housing in next 3 years

All the concrete high rise boxes were built in China,
and all looks similar, Average Chinese has 300 sqft
per person compared 40 sqft in 1990

Some soon to be demolished streets give your
glimpse of old China( before 1949)

Going globe, many signs, posters are labeled
bilingual , but most English words are twisted , hard
to understand and kind of funny meaning.
Build a green city is just a slogan, and many
factories move out of central part, and continue
pollute in suburban area

Real estate is major invest for affluents, many have
6 apartments  waiting for bigger money,the money
of one apartment( average price $100K in small
towns), $200K in middle size cities) is enough to
support a student studying in US school for 2  years
Some independent houses  with small garden in
Shanghai cost $20million to $50million each, the
same house is only 1 to 2 million in California
beach front because only 1% Chinese live in such

More and more roads are widen to accommodate
increasing traffic, parking is hassle and sidewalk
parking are popular.
More luxury stores in China than anywhere else
combined, a well known fact is many sell fake
products. Every city has at least 30 Apple stores(
some called touch Apple stores, some called
experiencing Apple stores by sell real and fake
iphone, ipad.

Street view of Shanghai,  the new buildings in
China usually go 30 to 50 stories.. In Beijing,
Shanghai and Shenzhen, average 2 bedroom
apartment costs 1 million US dollars.

Modern style airport, as fierce competition from high
speed railroad, Putong airport traffic is still behind
SFO. But more international flights there.
Most area in China are heavily polluted, smoggy
air prevents a clear bird view of the ground
Even in small towns, the real estate markets are
very hot, the prices are 5 times more than 10 years
ago, every middle size city has subway system
Freeways are built everywhere and mostly are toll
roads, average 10 cents per mile and gas price in
China is same as in US( $3.80/gallon).
Most cities in China are face lift, and hard to
figure out the locations 10 to 20 years ago .
Many fertile fields are giving way to real estate
market and many countryside houses are deserted.
The soaring food price in China bring up all the
prices around the world, many Chinese shopping
overseas because cheaper and better qualities.
Those are not historic buildings, demolish old
original buildings, build fancy fake new sites is the
direction of China tourism .
Some cities do better jobs to preserve the
environment such as Suzhou
China looks much fancy than US, especially at
night, neon lights last miles long, all stores open
until 10pm, many entertainment  open all night.
Chicago and New York City has less high rise than
Cities in China
Many Americans move to florida to enjoy the
sunshine, beach and affordable house, average
those for big brand new house costs $400,000 in
Florida, it costs 5 million US dollar in China

This is not a countryside, it is a affluent suburbs in
Buffalo, NY
Many US cities are plagued by high crimes and
homeless as this one in Tenderlion district in SF, in
China, crime rate are much lower than US, 10 poor
people share 1 small room, they don't want to be
Many downtowns in US have over 100 year history
and have not changed much since.
Silicon valley is considered to be most famous
place in US by many Chinese, many are
disappointed to find out no highrises,no vibrant
night life there.
Only those appreciate Chinese culture and history
like to visit China, otherwise everywhere is just
crowds and box style buildings.
in China, university was considered" Ivory tower"
guaranteed a bright future and stable jobs for
graduates, now the competition changed the  
career prospects.
Many students spend a lot of time on study, not on
game and computer, TV, that is why Chinese can
make big test scores stunned the world. And
teachers in China enjoy high respect, and high
salary( same or a little higher than MD)
High speed railways connect most major cites in
China, trains run average 120 miles per hour
Night view in Shanghai bunds
Government buildings in China, some looks like
white house, capital building, westminster, elysee,
kremlin....China copies the world
Despite of glorious decoration, only 30%y high rise
offices are occupied,
Is this a 21st century epicenter of world : Shanghai
Think LA traffic is too bad, look at traffic in China.
Most cars there are new, small to mediate size
sedans, and the most popular brand is VW.
Many college graduates can't find decent jobs and
have to turn eyes on government hiring, higher
education( master, doctor degree) and foreign
Even high end stores, english label is hard to
understand, and contrary to the world buying" made
in China", many rich people in China only buy
products" Made in US, Europe and Japan"
As land is so precious , many corners of the street
turn to mini gardens
In China, doctor visit alway occurs in same day, cost
$1, many hospitals are very busy, average doctor
makes twice to triple than regular Joe's. In US,
doctor makes 5 to 10 times more than regulars after
Shanghai and San Francisco are first sister cities between China and US

even  then SF mayor Diane Feinstein speech was collected in English textbook in China

in San Francisco,  crossover of Mission and Geneva St like China in 30 yr ago, Van Ness and Market St like China 15 yr
ago, 4th and King Street like China now
Income of average
Chinese: ( RMB)

1980     30
1984:    50
1989    150
1992    300
1995    600
2000   1200
2005   1800
2010   3000
2012   3600
2016   5000
$1 US dollar exchange

1980       1.73
1986       3.7
1990       6.4
1995       8.4
2005       7.8
2011       6.3
2016       6.5
US debt is caused by itself
overspending on war, rescue
and welfare.
Real estate price in Shanghai
(RMB per square meter}

before 1995   Allocated by government or

1996      2000
2000      3500
2004      7000
2005    13000
2007    20000  
2012    30000,  central part 40000
2016    50000,  central part  80000

That is main reason Chinese getting rich,
most city residents have at least two houses,
privatization house in 1996 is 1% then
market price, and then employee collective
house following is 30% to 50% market price

A 700 sqft two bedrooom apartment in
Shanghai costs 1 million US dollar
Pork Meat price( per

1980  $0.67
1986  $2.00
1998  $5.00
2010  $18.00
2012  $13.00
2016  $18.00
Vegetable price( per 500g)

1980  $0.03
1986  $0.10
1998  $0.50
2009  $3.00
2016  $7.00

Excited or Crashed? What do you prefer?
If SF bay area were in China

There will be 50 million residents( vs 7 million), average building 30 floors( vs 2 in US),
20 subway lines( compared 2 lines SFO to pittsburg bay point, Richmond to
Fremont),  28 across bay bridges and tunnels( compared 7 now), fast  train ( 300
miles per hour vs 45 per hour BART)
There will 3 to 5 buildings in SF over 100 floors, named

There will 5000 buildings in bay area over 30 floors,
average apt price 1 bedroom 1 million, atherton style
cottage $500 million each.

A few victoria style houses still exist, and ground floor
open for small restaurents or designer clothes(
average price over $1000 per piece)

1000 ocean front apartment buildings in Pacifica, HMB

Every blocks has 5 shops( food, clothes/shoe,
medicine) and 3 restaurants

20 subway lines such as  Sunset, GG 3rd
bridge to  Stinson beach, Pentaluma  Vallejo,
to Antioch, Pacifica via San Bruno, farm
island to Moraga, Walnut creek,   Santa Cruz  
to Livermore, Tracy,

3 GG brisges, 2 bay bridges, treasure
island-berkeley bridge, tiburon-richmond
bridge, palo alto -fremont bridge

Alctraz tunnel connects angel island-tiburon
bridge,SF-Alameda tunnel, SFO-OAK tunnel,
berkeley-lafeyett tunnel, SL Danville tunnel

Skyline, Alamdea de la pugas, San pablo
ave, Mission st, Danville blvd all changed to
freeway named 288, 388, 488, 588, 688, 788

3000 lights around bay circle freeway, looks
like bracelet at night
There will 8 tracks , 4 type trains connecting SF to SJ

Regular trains travel 1hr 40 mins, stop at every
station such as San Mateo, hayward park, hillsdale,
belmont, san carlos, ticket $2 one-way

Express trains travel 1hr, stop at Millbrae, RWC, Palo
Alto, Mountan view, ticket $10 one-way,

Dongche trains travel 40 min, stop at San Mateo, MV,
ticket $20 one-way,

Meglev trains travel 15 min from SF to SJ, non stop,
ticket $50 one-way, $80 round trip good for one week

Subway runs every 3 min at peak time, 10 min at slow
time, some lines run 24 hr, there will be at least 10
employees at each station( security check, ticket,
traffic guide, answer questions)

The hiring posts are everywhere, labelled
hiring 18 to 35yo, all under $3000/month

80% passengers in subway are young
people,  you will feel no country for old men.

Tracy will be world PC center, 2000 PC
related factories located, produce Dell, HP,
Apple, Toshiba, Intel chip, Samsung phone

Antioch will be world shoe center, 1000
factories produce 90% worldwide shoes

As workers can"t afford 1 million one
bedroom apt, the factories supply free
domitories( 10 people in one room) and free
food , all work 6 to 7 day a week

Forget white, black, latino, all are looks
same, speak same language and believe no
god, in money we trusted.
Yes, that is big difference between
China and US, people, building,
infrastructure and rail
transportation, We don't discuss
political and social system