Fun Facts about bay area:

Bay Area consists of 9 counties around the bay: San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Sonoma,
Napa and Solano.

Bay Area is No 5 metro area in terms of population 7 million people live here,  Behind: 1. New York, 2.Los Angeles, 3.Chicago and
4. DC-Baltimore and before 6. Dallas- Fort Worth Metro,7. Philadelphia metro , 8. Houston metro,9.  Atlanta metro and 10. Boston
Metro, 10 tie, Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Palm Beach Metro.

Bay Area is very diverse area, about 40% White, 28% Asian and 24% Latino and 8% Black.

There are 3 wonders  from 50 of whole world around bay area: San Francisco, Yosemite national park and Big Sur coast line.

Bay Area is highest educated area in the nation, San Jose( silicon valley) San Francisco and Oakland all are top 10 educated big

Bay Area is highest income area in nation, average family income is about $84000 per year, it is most expensive housing area in
nation too, average price of independent house is about $550,000( July 2008).

There are 3 commercial airports in bay area: San Francisco ranks 16th, Oakland ranks 36th and San Jose ranks 41st in terms of
passenger boarding, arriving and transferring.

There are 12 national parks, sites and national recreation area , national wild refugee reservation, national water reservation
around  bay area .

San Francisco attracts over 15 million oversea visitor per year only behind New York and Los Angeles, annual tourism income is
about 7 billions.

In Bay area, San Jose has  940,000 population, it ranks 10th biggest city in  US, San Francisco has  780,000 ranks 14th, and
Oakland has 410,000 ranks 44th in nation, following is Fremont( 203,000), Santa Rosa( 150,000), Hayward( 141, 200),  Sunnyville(
133,000),Concord( 131,000), Vallejo (123,000), Richmond( 106,000),  Fairfield( 104, 250) Berkeley( 103,770) and Daly City(

Silicon valley named in 1970s because most semiconduct( silicon products) produced there, it compass with San Jose, Palo Alto,
Mountain view, Sunnyville, Santa Clare, Fremont, Milpitas and Cupertino, as world most famous Hi tech hub, there are more famous
companies than anywhere, such as Intel, AMD, Apple (ipod),HP,Genentech, Sun, Oracle, Cisco, Google, Yahoo, ebay, Adobe,
McAfee, SanDisk...

Bay Area is a financial and commercial center in west coast, some big banks and companies based on there, such as Chevron,
Wells Fargo, VISA, ,PG&E, Safeway,  Gap, Ross, Long...

Bay area most expensive area is in San Francisco Pacific Height, St Francis Wood, Seacliff, Marina, Nob Hill,Telegraph Hill,  
Russian Hill and Twin Peaks area, in Marin county ross, tiburon,  belvedere, mill valley, kentwood, farefax, in Alameda county,
piedmont, kensington, oakland hills, in Contra Costa county, diablo, clayton,blackhawk, alamo, orinda,san ramon, in San Mateo
county,atherton, woodside, menlo park, portola valley,hillsborough, in Santa Clara county, los altos, los gatos, saratoga, cupertino
and palo alto.

Bay area has cleanest air quality in the nation. It has wet and mild winter and dry comfortable summer. The raining season is from
Nov to Apr( mostly in Jan to Mar), and from May to Oct is dry season.

The most foggy area is Pacifica, Daly city border( Hwy 35 and Hwy 1 cross and Hickey blvd) and Bodega Bay near Pt Reyes. The
most foggy season is in June, July and August.

Due to geography difference, bay area has diverse micro-weather, especially in summer time, ocean coast temp is around 70F, bay
shore around 80F, and inland around 90 to 100F. Some places just 10 miles away, there is 20 F difference weather.

Bay Area has highest percent population of Asian( 24%), mostly from China, Philippine, Korea, India, Vietnam and Japan.

The White residents of bay area mostly are Irish, Italian, and Germen, British.

San Francisco was used to be only big city in west of Mississippi river in the beginning of 20th century, that is why many federal
institutes there, such as Federal reserve bank, federal circuit court, US mints, and from  1872 Jules Verne's novel "Around the World
in 80 Days," we can see a prosperous city and only west port to Asian, pacific area.

Bay area is most environmental friendly area in the nation, in San Francisco, half of public transit vehicles are electric powered such
as trolleys, street car,light-rail cars, and bay area has highest possession of hybrid vehicles.

Silicon valley was developed in 1970's and at that time, most area is dotted by residents area, manufacture( mostly defense
industry)surrounded  by fruit yards. HP and Apple were born in a garage, the street names around Apple company are apple, peach
tree, pear... remind you of the history.

San Francisco is 49  square miles part, and 780,000 population, but financial income and expenditure is more than whole
Tennessee and other 16 states, its most income from tourism, the traveller to San Francisco is more then whole wonderful exotic
Utah state.

High price( over average national wide) in bay area is house,rent, gas, parking. Low price is food, flight, hotel, rental car. That
means its hard to live here and its affordable  to visit here.

Among all cities in the US, Boston shares many similarities with San Francisco, both are historic cities, near the bay, small hills,
high educated population,liberal,  expensive, difficult parking, famous university and high tech center.

San Francisco was developed in gold rush in 1850s, many people from all over the word rushed into golden gate,went up
Sacramento river to Sierra Nevada for gold, only a few got rich, most were not, and then transformed into agriculture, fishing,
construction and services, many rich people built mansions in Nob hill area in gold decoration.

San Francisco Bay area experienced second gold rush in 1990s, with rapid development  of computer, software and Internet,people
rushed into different kinds of high-tech companies, with high salary and stock option. Some people experienced to be millionaires
one night when stocks in market. Dot com bubble busted off  in 2001 to 2004.

Silicon Valley suffers big damage during 2001 to 2004, total lost 240,000 jobs( more than total Ohio state), due to high costs and
rock high housing, many High tech companies moved out to Austin, Phoenix, Denver,Portland, where housing is about 3 to 4 times
cheaper. And dissatisfied with cost cut, right now many companies outsource to India or China, where cost is 10 to 20 times

Did you know San Francisco is the closest city to Asian and Hawaii from continental America, it is  500miles shorter than from LA.

San Francisco consider as small city with big metropolitan, or big city with small town charming. As night life, it seems like New
York SoHo, Chelsea. As culture, it likes Boston. As geography, it looks like Seattle. As temperature,  it  is between LA and Seattle,  
colder and drier. As street, it is same as Chicago, narrow and crowded.

Almost every year, Bay area yields Nobel winner in different field, currently there are 20 Noble laureates in UC berkeley, 17 in
Stanford, and 3 in UCSF and another 10 Noble winner currently moved from other schools to Stanford.  All those three world-class
research institutions (Stanford, UC Berkeley and UCSF) are within a 50-mile radius.

The most famous film stars born in bay area are Clint Eastwood( Starring  Western film series) and Tom Hanks ( Forrest Gump),
The most famous film directors in bay area are Gorge Lucas( Star war series) and Francis Ford Coppola( Godfather series), the
most famous films based on bay area are Citizen Kane( 1942) The graduate (1967) The Maltese (1941), The grapes of wrath
(1940), Vertigo (1958), American Graffiti(1973), the most famous child star living in bay area is Shirley Temple ( Little Princess).

Alfred Hitchcock  fell into love with bay area when he first visited, and he thought SF was perfect place for romance and mystery ,
thrill film because of beautiful scene of ocean, bay, mountain, hill and changeable fog, Victoria buildings and classic, cozy small
street and shop. He directed many films in bay area.

The most famous films produced in bay area are Star wars series in  Lucas studio's and The Godfather series in American
Zoetrope , the most famous film studio in bay area are Sky walk ranch in  Nicasio and Lucas studio in Presidio, and Disney
animation studio Pixar in Emeryville(  Toy story, Cars).

Currently, there are 4 women active in politics, all came from bay area, they are Secretary Condoleezza Rice ( R- Palo Alto),
Congress Majority speaker Nancy  Pelosi ( D-San Francisco) , two California senator, Dianne Feinstein ( D- San Francisco) and
Barbara Boxer (D- Marin).

Palo Alto( Silicon valley) and San Francisco concentrate 2/3 of venture invest banks in the world,silicon valley new  Hi-tech
companies get start-up funds from those banks and try to survive beyond 3 years for their innovative products, but 95% fails and 5%
successor really make big money for those venture invests.

Stanford University is among top 4 most difficult to get in elite universities in the United States, other 3 are Harvard, Yale and

Despite foggy, chilly weather, bay area is among most sunny area in the nation ( 90% sunny day year around), the other area are
Phoenix, LA, San Diego, Denver, Las Vegas.

Bay area has best education system in California, according US new and World report, among top 100 high school national wide, 7
of them located in the bay area, No 8 Pacific Collegiate School in Santa Cruz, No 12 Dublin High in Dublin, No 51 Lowell High in
San Francisco, No 67 Mission San Jose High in Fremont,  No 71 American Indian Public High in Oakland, No 81 Summit
Preparatory High in Redwood City,  No 97 Monta Vista High in Cupertino.

Love it or Hate it

San Francisco bay area consider most beautiful area, but  SF streets were surrounded by lot of garbages  and spilling dirty spots  
with urine smell in poor area( Tenderloin, civic center).

Bay area is very rich area but SF consider to be "paradise for homeless" around market from Powell to civic center, tenderloin,
mission street because of warmer weather and  free public services available and most friendly and tolerance city to homeless.

Bay area is No 1 creative area, but it is No 1 liberal area. It used to be world hub of Hippies,Yuppies and Homosexuality and
Inter-racial marriage. But there are some changes, right now biggest gay hub is Los Angeles, most inter-racial is around DC area,
most Hippies live in California and Oregon border.

There are lot of Hi-tech jobs( average $50 to $100K) in bay area, but there are more low paying services jobs( average $20 to $40K)
there. Some jobs are best paid in nation, such as Nurse, Police,Firefighter, most of them make  over $100K in bay area( basic
salary, bonus,over time paying), triple than national average.

Bay Area has strongest union in nation, especially in public service, BART, waste collection worker in bay area make over $68K
because they have every successful strike and negotiate talk to increase salary and benefits.

Bay area has most comfortable weather and air condition in nations, but here is most expensive area , the price of a  2 bedroom
bungalow house near rail track is around $500K.  In Summer time, the weather is pretty cold. In Winter, it is pretty wet.

SF has many talent musicians , especially in rock pop and dance music, but there is slim country music  market. But you are not
alone, there are 6 country music radio can be heard( 95.3 KRTY south bay, and part of east bay, 92.9 Frog North bay and part of east
bay, 93.3 Cubb San Joaquin valley, Tri-valley, 95.1 KNCI  Sacramento, North bay, and 92.7 KTOM  Monterey peninsular)

Bay area is No 1 book and wine comsuming market in the nation, there are lot of erotic adult entertainment in San Francisco.

Except Oakland and Richmond and mission, bayview, tenderloin district in San Francisco, bay area cities is among most safest  
cities in nation.

Bay Area with vibrant ebullient culture and night life  attract many youth single people to move here, but it is lowest children percent
in the area. Children number in San Francisco is less than dog number in the city.

San Francisco is a few cities in the US( New York, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago), you needn't a car to turn around, the public
transit is fairly developed, bus runs every 3 to 20 at daytime based on route, 20 to 30 min before 1am, every 30 min between 1 to
5am, but the bus speed is around 9miles per hour, only a little faster than bus in New York city.

Behind Manhattan, Boston, San Francisco is 3rd most expensive parking city in the country. Some parking spaces in downtown and
Fishman's wharf is about $10 per hour. Parking ticket for expired meter is $50 to $60 and multi-citation can be issued in one day.

San Francisco is a beautiful but compact city, the density is only behind of New York City, small street with cute stores, bars,
restaurants, up and downhills roads, compact buildings,hustle and bustle of pedestrians and bicyclists , drive and park carefully,
best way to see the city is walking and taking public transit.

There are 3 things annoying some visitors in San Francisco: homeless people, protesters and adult entertainments make the city
filthy, lousy and eclectic .

There are more protests in San Francisco than any other cities in US, antiwar, environment protect, bicyclist rights, even adult
dancers want their private booth... all go on street, go to city hall,  here is too far away from Washington, but  the voice can be heard
from visitors around the world. Don't worry, most time there are  less than 10 protesters .

The average rent for one bed room apartment in bay area is around $1200 to 1500, in Pacific Height and Embarcadero in San
Francisco go up to $2800 to $4000 per month for one bed-room apartment, comparable to upper town in Manhattan. Is that crazy?

The tourism has some connection to politics too, San Francisco is famous for its liberty, the main resources of tourism come from
Los Angeles( 370 miles) and New York ( 2560 miles)area,some guys described themselves as only  go blue,  for those
conservatives they don't like it, their main destinations are Las Vegas and Florida.

San Francisco is consider very gay city, gays consists of 10% of population of the city( national 4%), some gays are very political
active, but not all agree with it, SF most famous woman  Dianne Feinstein served as Mayor for 16 years,  US senator for 12 years,
and gay group invited her 30 times to participated annual gay pride, but she never make it.

San Francisco gay community was formed by 1950s, there were large number of navy active, and retire veterans gathering in
several underground bars in North Beach and Polk Street. Since SF was famous for its tolerate attitude and civilian caring, they were
rarely get hassled and many gays moved from other part of county seek safety shelter, and in 1960s, 1970s counter tradition culture
and sex liberation movement, they got out of closet, and became a world famous community.

San Francisco is liberal, but some liberal actions are very sweet too, for example city law: rent control, evict of renter, the owner must
pay  $3000 for relocation. No big super-market allowed in city for protect of small business. And universal health care for all
employees in city.

San Francisco is No 1 drug use city ( 13% vs 8.1% national average)in US , a study from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Services Administration said, long history of drug use since hippies period, liberal attitude to drug, and some AIDS patients and
drug addicts patients rely on it, and close to largest marijuana growing spot( Humboldt county) may contribute to the data.

In the summer of 2007, several incidents happened in bay area , San Francisco, Oakland,Berkeley was labelled as" far left coast" "
traitor"" San Fransicko city" and some "right wings and conservatives" called boycott to visit of San Francisco and cut the federal
funds for the city. Actually the city has long history with military  when it was built 200 years ago and when 1990 retire of many military
facilities, gave bay area huge properties and SF get much more federal funds per capital than other parts of the country.

San Francisco is a severe race segregated city,  especially in public schools, many are single or two race dominated without one
white kid. Some claim they are liberal and democrats, but they" proud" of  they never been  bayview , mission, ingleside area( heavily
black and latino residents)  because those are" bad neighborhood".

If you think San Francisco is a city full of love, you are wrong. Many people are selfish, callous. Many things are driven by money.
Some politician aggressively promote some political agenda because they want to political job and positions, they need votes for
election or reelection, those job are good paid ( $100,000 for  city councilor) with power and big benefits. Those professional
political activists get paid too( $15/hr)for their protests and sounds.

Asian consist of 40% population of San Francisco, but they are almost powerless, most are not care about politics and new
immigrants care more about their original country ,and they are hard working to made money, buy good house, good car and send
children to good school to be doctor, engineer. Many asian like to marry with white because their culture, they love light skin,cute and
clean cut. And all modern science technology are coming from Europe, north America by white, Asian countries have long history of
worship western life style. For white, after 40 years race equality education, they don't care, some want to change and new, asian
women are skinny and cute, strong family view and asian has surprising education( 70% engineers, 45% Doctors in bay area are
Asian) and huge saving ability . And interestingly, those white asian mixture prefer to marry with white to make next generation
whiter    ......and the liberals in the city 90% are white and 23% children under 5 years old in california are white.

Live Free? You must said that was day dream, but it is true in the bay area. Due to strict rent control in the city of San Francisco and
Berkeley, there are a bunch of renters( 170,000 in SF), they pay only $600 to $800 for two or three bedroom apartment( they have
lived there for over 20 years, but annually  rent increase less than 0.5% ,other cities may jump 50% annually without rent control),
now they can easily rent out a bedroom for $800 to $1000. Same thing happened in house owner,they pay $1300 for the whole
house mortgage, they changed garage or basement to be 2 to 4 in-law units and rented out, they can get $3000 tax free rent
monthly, that is very popular in Asian community, especially around college campus and convenient transportation area.

In March 2008, local newspaper revealed there were over 8000 San Francisco city employees ( near 30%)made over $100,000 in
2007, highest  paid was a register nurse in city public health department for $345,000. There were 2300 city employees in San Jose
and 1300 in city of Oakland made over 6 digital income. Even in city of Vallejo, one of poorest city in bay area  in bankrupt , there
were 292 in those high paid range, and one police officer made $435,000. All those cities are facing huge deficits.

As bay area is No 1 highest pay area in nation, many think it is difficult to do business here. But it is not true since  it is primitive area
for new immigrants. Most low paid jobs are taken by them. You will never see one white doing those low pay and hard jobs, but you
will see 90% customers in bar, restaurant, golf course are white.

Bay area is high tech hub in the world, there are big demand for scientists and skilled technicians. But many research institutes and
star up companies only pay $31,000 to $37,000 for those employees from China, India with high degrees. The employers play H1b
card. For those new immigrants, they are in front of three mountains: How to come to US, how to maintain legal status and how to
get green card. It takes 5 to 10 years for them to be permanent residents, so there are plenty of time for employers use them as
"sacrifice to science" .

Bay area do have highest pay for some jobs, average MD make $300K, Register Nurse $135K( 10% RN make over  $200K due to
overtime),police and fire fighter starting salary $68K, most make over $100K after 3 years,  high tech or government department
manager $200K, software engineer $115K, electric engineer $160K. Don't think all high techs get higher pay, Biotech and medical
research average $42K due to extensive bench labor and slim chance to success.
If you are going to San Francisco Bay Area, be sure to visit our website
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Love travelling? Are you fall behind?

Travel defines 100 mile away from home and stay at least 1
night. Most Americans travel twice a year, and $3000
budget. 15% don't travel due to financial difficulty or
physical restriction.

Most travels are domestic 3 to 7 days, most popular
destinations are New York, Orlando, Chicago, Las Vegas
and San Francisco. International travel 7 to 21 days
popular destinations are Canada, Mexico and Caribbean
Islands. London. Paris , Bangkok , Dubai, Tokyo.

The highest expense are hotels and more people travel
overseas due to cheap fare.

Bay Area Chronology

For 3000 years, over 50 Indian tribes have lived around the bay and ocean shore, valley, live with fishing, hunting, agriculture…

1542 Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo passed by Golden Gate
1579 Francis Drake landed in Marin area
1769 First European Gasper de Portola discovered the bay
1775 First Ship San Carlos got into the bay
1776   Juan Bautista de Anza explore the sites for presidio and missions
1820   Six missions had built around the bay area, San Francisco named for Saint Francis and replaced original name Yerba Buena
1825   Mexico ruled Alta California, almost no connection with bay area.

1846   First America Flag raised in water front of San Francisco, Portsmouth Square.
1848    Gold was found in Sierra foothills. Gold Rush started.
1850    The population in San Francisco increased from 1000 to 56000.
1851    San Francisco became highest percent of immigration city, and vigilance committee was founded to suppress the increasing
violence and crime.
1860    Silver was found in Nevada
1862     First trans-continental railroad connected old wild west with developed east.
1880    Gold rush was gone, San Francisco transformed into a modern city, “Paris of America”, famous retail row in Geary Street,
insurance alley in Montgomery Street, Bank Street in California Street, and millionaire row in nob hill.
1900    The population in San Francisco reached 400,000, concentrated a quarter of whole population in west of Mississippi, and only big
city in America west. San Francisco became a culture center; there were more educated people here and more newspapers and
publication here  than New York, Boston and only behind London.

1906   Strong earthquake and fire destroyed half of San Francisco, people moved out to vicinity, and Oakland became second largest city
in California (pop 80,000)
1915   San Francisco re-built “ as is”, and host Panama Pan Pacific exposition.
1920   With develop of modern industry and automobile, and film industry, Los Angeles surpassing San Francisco became largest city in
1937   Bay bridge and Golden Gate Bridge built and expanded the metro into east and north bay area
1940   San Francisco hosted international exposition in newly filled treasure island
1941   Many airforce bases and shipyards built in SF, Oakland, Alameda and Richmond, and defense industry in Santa Clara.
1950   Santa Clara, San Jose became famous fruit, food processing center
1950   After world war II, many middle class moved to suburbs, and bay area expanded to Walnut Creek, Concord, Dublin, Pleasaton
inland valley area
1962   Tony Bennett song " I left my heart in San Francisco" in the top hits for 10 months.
1967   Summer of love Hippies, yuppies movement became fashion in San Francisco, Love, flower and drug became icons.
1968   Scott McKenzie song " San Francisco" in top hits and sold  5 million copies worldwide
1969   Berkley, San Francisco became anti-war and free speech center
1973   High tech industry booms in Santa Clara Valley, Silicon valley named
1975   Dozen of gay, straight sex clubs founded in San Francisco, SF became mecca of gay and sex label,
1976   Bank of America in San Francisco issued first credit card, VISA
1976   San Francisco became financial center, and popular city, and the city planed to rent control.
1984   With highly vitality of AIDS and widespread disease, the city ordered to shut down all sex club in one night.
1984   First personal computer Apple Lisa released, information industry start to bloom.
1989   Strong earthquake shook up bay area.
1992  Retire of many military facilities give huge properties to local cities.
1995   Another Gold Rush emerging in bay area, computer, internet, e-commerce booming.  Silicon Valley expanded into whole bay area.
Huge population immigrate to bay area, the house market started escalating.
2001   Dot com bubble busted. The house price continues skyrocketing.
2005   San Jose became 10th biggest city in nation, Fremont population is over 200,000.
2006   Silicon valley became green industry and energy develop center.
2012   San Francisco based uber, airbnb, lyft successfully break the law barriers, open the doors for shared, on demand economy,
challenge lucrative taxi, hotel business.

Bay Area Average Housing Market

1945 $5,000     1970  $30, 000     1985  $150, 000     1995  $200,000     2000   $270,000    2004    $450,000    2007  $650,000

From the figure, you will know many people get rich are not by hard working, not by invention  and creation,but came from real estate
investment either mayors or regular people.

2008 June average $530,000  Oct average $395,000

San Francisco , Silicon valley and vicinity was down 10 to 20%, and the further suburbs such as Vallejo, Fairfield and Antioch, the higher
percent price drop ( 40 to 70%)

Average house( as of Feb ,2008) in
San Francisco $870,000     San Jose  $620,000        Oakland  $530,000

The cities in the bay area  with average house
over 2 million dollars:

Atherton,  Hillsborough, Ross,Belvedere,  Portola Valley

Over 1.5 million dollars:

Woodside,Tiburon,  Monte Sereno, Los Alto, Saratoga, Diablo,

Over 1.2 million dollars:

Stinson beach, Nicasino,Emerald hill,  Palo alto, Alamo, Piedmont, Burlingame, Menlo park, Larkspur,

Over 1 million dollars:

Los gato,Cupertino,  Mill valley, Greenbrae, Orinda, Lafayette, Sausalito, San carlos, Belmont.

As of Sep , 2009, average house in the bay area:

San Francisco County: $ 635,000
San Mateo County: $ 559,000
Santa Clara County: $451,000
Alameda County:  $340,000
Contra Costa  County: $260,000
Marin County:  $ 710,000
Sonoma County:  $310,000
Napa  county:  $350,000
Solano county: $200,000.

As of April, 2015, average house in the bay area $610,000,recover from previous peak( Oct 2007)

San Francisco $1.2 million,  average rent $3500/month